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Lister and Kristine’s Story

Cuddling for comfort on the way to the hospital

On January 1st 2017, we posted the story “A Call for Help,” asking for donations to cover surgery for Lister, an injured puppy found at the side of the road on one of the coldest nights of 2016. We thought it was about time to post a recap and follow up with lots of pictures and information on Lister and his sister, Kristine.

On a freezing, wintery night in December 2016, we received a call from a fellow dog rescuer about two black lab puppies in need of help. They were around six months old, one male and one female. The male had an injury to his leg and the female had managed to alert nearby residents by laying alongside him, crying. No owners could be found.

One of our volunteers drove out of town to pick up the dogs, who huddled together for comfort on the back seat. At this point, the volunteer named them Lister and Kristine and took them straight to All Creatures Animal Hospital in Pierre. Dr Trexler-Myren and her staff stayed long past closing time to help. The doctor determined that Lister had a fractured tibia and required surgery. A splint temporarily stabilized the fracture and the operation was scheduled for New Year’s Eve. Lister would stay at the hospital while Kristine was taken home by the same volunteer for some comfort and cuddles.

Lister on Arrival
Lister at the hospital
Fractured tibia
after surgery
Post surgery with an external fixator

In order to pay for Lister’s surgery and after care, we appealed for donations on Facebook and the Paws website. Supporters generously donated $2200 and the surgery took place as planned. The procedure lasted several hours, during which time a pin was used to hold the two bone fragments in place and external fixators stabilized the leg.

Lister spent the next 8 weeks in hospital, with movement restricted as much as possible to allow his leg to heal. This proved quite difficult due to the fact that Lister was extremely energetic and wanted desperately to release his pent up puppy energy. By the end of the 8 weeks he was released to the shelter, mentally ready to run a marathon. He proved to be one of our most rambunctious dogs, despite his disability.

Kristine in foster care
Kristine Finds a Home

By the time Lister was released, Kristine had been thriving in foster care and was adopted by a wonderful family. We were so impressed with the way the children were with Kristine, it was clear it was the right fit. Kristine became Krissy Mae and her new mom, Amy, regularly sends updates on her well being. Here are some of the wonderful stories and pictures we have received:

“Krissy is such a sweet girl! We absolutely could not ask for a better dog! So one story on Krissy’s sweetness: Copper (Krissy’s new canine sibling) and Krissy were rough housing and Krissy ended up ramming me in the gut and I let out an ‘OOW!’ Krissy stop playing instantly and lowered herself down, just looking at me with apologetic eyes. When I told her it was OK and reached out my hand she slowly crept up to me, put her nose/head under my chin and kind of gave me a hug around my neck with her neck, and lay in my lap for about 2 mins, apologizing……….. She about brought me to tears.”

“Not that we let our girls, but she let’s them do absolutely what ever they want to her and she just looks at them with love. Our youngest (1.5) and her have a game, Ella slowly puts her finger up to Krissy’s mouth and Krissy slowly and gently gets them. Think when you ‘nibble’ a little ones fingers. Ella just giggles and giggles. Krissy is sooo obedient! So much so, we have to be cares using certain words like ‘crate.’ I’m talking to my husband and say something like, ‘did you get the crate blanket washed?’ Krissy hears the word crate and goes right to it and lays down. Or the very second we call her over to love on her, she’s there, and that’s for any of us!”

Krissy and Copper
Krissy and Ella have an amazing bond
Krissy and Copper
Krissy and Copper
Krissy snoozing
Krissy snoozing with her family!

“She gave us a scare a week ago when she got herself bitten by a rattle snake, but she was a champ and pulled through and we were so relieved when she did! She has two levels of energy. When she’s inside she’s nothing but lazy (and sweet) and when she’s outside, she’s non stop running (and hunting). We love her to pieces! Thank you Paws for trusting her with us!”

Finally, a Home for Lister

Lister and Matt

Finding a home for Lister took much longer – another 5 months altogether. We did everything we could to find the right fit for him. He was adopted once and returned due to his boisterous behavior. On July 22nd, Matt Bowman traveled from Rapid City to meet Lister and quickly made the decision to take him home. We couldn’t have been happier! Matt plays baseball and has quite the pitching arm, plus a huge fenced in yard – Lister’s dream home!

Matt’s mom, Lori, recently sent an update and some pictures to show how Lister has progressed:

“Matt said he traveled to Rapid City very well and he had no problems adjusting to us or the house. Lister sleeps with me in my bed every night because that is where he decided he was sleeping the minute he arrived. I have never allowed animals on the furniture or beds, but when I would try to move him off of my bed, I couldn’t so I gave up and let him sleep with me.”

“Matt’s other dog, Trigger, and Lister are inseparable. They play, fight, pick on each other and watch out for each other just like kids. Lister will not even eat his food until he sees that I have given food to Trigger. Lister has learned to sit, shake, lay down and fetch. Matt has gotten him to ‘speak.’  It is weird, Lister does not bark when he speaks, he makes a weird noise like he really is talking. Matt asks him ‘what did you say’ and Lister shakes his paw at him and ‘speaks.’  Lister will give me hugs, but no one else. He actually jumps up, puts both paws around my neck, and rubs his head in my neck [just like his sister!]. He does this on his own, we did not teach him to give hugs.”

“Lister loves to go for car rides. Lister has been with me driving around Rapid City, in the hills and even went for a three-day trip to Sioux Falls with me.”

“Having Lister has been a blessing. We have really enjoyed him. When Matt left your shelter that day, he called me and said ‘God meant for us to have Lister because he was there for a long time and no one else wanted him. God was saving him for us. You would not believe all the stuff they gave me and on top of that he was half price.'”

Trigger and Lister
Lister and Trigger
Lister playing with friends
after surgery
Lister in his favorite spot

Thank you to our volunteers, fellow animal rescuers, donors, veterinarians, supporters and everyone involved in helping animals on a daily basis. There are so many ways for you to help – donate, volunteer, foster, educate others, or simply share a Facebook post that helps find an animal a home.

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