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A Happy Ending for Ella

Ella’s Arrival

Ella arrived at the shelter at the end of August 2016. As usual, we knew very little about her other than what we could glean from first impressions. She loved water! As soon as we’d fill up her shiny bucket, she’d stick her head inside and start splashing around. We learned to only fill it up half way to make sure her kennel wasn’t constantly wet. Outside, the sun was still hot and bright in the sky, which meant we could regularly fill up one of our kiddy pools for her to play in to her heart’s content.

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Ella would bark a lot. At first, we saw this as a nuisance and tried to figure out why. It didn’t take long to discover that she just wanted to be let out of her kennel to be by your side, happily (and quietly) following you as you went about your business. We regularly test out new dogs to see who can be play pals, meaning we can let more than one outside in each yard at a time to maximize their play time. Ella was the one who could play with everyone. She saw a lot of play partners come and go in her time at the shelter, patiently waiting for her time to come.

Two Months at the Shelter

After two months and very few inquiries about Ella, Burgundy and Andy Pitsor traveled from Rapid City to meet her. They’d seen pictures of her on our website and from her description, thought she might be a good fit for their lifestyle. They brought along their black lab, Bella, who just happened to be Ella’s twin! They got along very well and were instant play pals. It quickly became obvious that we’d found the perfect home for Ella.

New Beginnings

Ella is now called Ellie and is learning her new name well! True to our first impressions of her, Burgundy and Andy report that she loves baths! Burgundy uses a special shampoo and Ellie’s fur is now beautifully shiny like Bella’s. She also loves to play with her sister in their giant fenced-in yard. Now that the snow has started to fall, it has made finding their ball a fun task. Ellie likes to follow her new mom around the house and sleep on her feet. She really hit the jackpot with her furever home!

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Thank you to Burgundy and Andy Pitsor for being wonderful, loving parents to Ellie and Bella. Happy endings like this make our lives worthwhile.

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