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Costello’s Story

By Costello, Derek and Kelsey

costello1Hello my name is Costello. Mom and Dad call me Stello for short. Some of you may remember me from the shelter. I was the dog sitting in the corner that would not make eye contact with you, had no confidence, and did not even think that anyone would love me. Then one day this couple comes in to look at me. They took me up to this room and sat and tried to play with me. I was not so sure about that. Instead I sat on the couch and eventually laid down.

The next day they took me to the park. There were so many smells! I then had to go back to the shelter. Mom and Dad went home and decided to adopt me. They tell me that they really wanted to rescue a dog. I had been in the shelter for over a year! They decided they wanted me. They really wanted me! I had never felt like this before.

They picked me up and took me home. They look back at the first family picture and are shocked. They were nervous about the ride to Rapid. But I laid there and was the best boy ever. I got to my new home. Mom and Dad were carrying things up the stairs and I was terrified. The air conditioner would come on and I had no idea what it was. That clicking drove me nuts!! I also struggled to eat. Mom and Dad had to pretend like they did not see me. The first night there I snuggled right in between Mom and Dad. Their hearts instantly melted.

It took about two weeks and then I was ready to start playing and exploring. I could not get enough of that ball! The Frisbee was something so weird. Now I like to try and catch it in my mouth. Right away in the morning usually around 5:30 I start to bring all of my toys into bed. Then if Mom and Dad move I lick their faces like crazy. Now I am not talking about just a few licks, it is a full bath. Then I usually put my nose under dad’s head and nudge him out of bed. I am not sure why they tell me to stop. I’m just trying to help.

My days are usually spent waiting for Mom and Dad to get home. Then when they are home they play with me and love me. I love to bring my orange ball to bed. But since I am missing a tooth it is hard to keep it in my mouth. I am such a different dog now. I love to run, play, and explore. That ball and frisbee are so fun to play with. Dad throws it so far and I have to run and go get it. Mom is not as good at throwing far. She can throw but just not far.

I still eat fast but Mom and Dad can be there now. I still get scared of boxes, the outside world, new people, or loud noises. I am learning that they love me more than anything else. Sometimes Mom and Dad will take me to the movies! How many dogs say they get to go to the movies with their Mom and Dad?! On the weekends we go to the parks and play. I still have my safe spots. My safe spots are the corner of the couch, bed, or the back of Mom or Dad’s car.

costelloandderek costelloandkelsey costelloandkelsey

I just wanted to let everyone know how I am doing. Which I would say I am doing awesome! I get unconditional love from them. Sometimes I get in trouble because I am being naughty but I know that they still love me. And I love them right back! I also wanted to let all of the “unadoptable dogs and cats” out there know that you will be adopted. I have finally found my furever home and you will too!

Costello, Derek, and Kelsey

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  • Carol Richardson says:

    This is why I live ~ to see animals on their last chance find a forever home. Thank you so much for being a good dog dad & wonderful dog mom. God bless you for your kind hears.

  • Colette w says:

    Oh Kelsey and Derek – you saved him – and a family has been started!

  • Rick and Becky Linn says:

    This is Costello’s Grandma and Grandpa in Rapid City. We had the pleasure of babysitting him when Mom and Dad were going to be gone for awhile. We love having him come over. He is so sweet and lovable. He loves to give Grandpa kisses. LOTS OF KISSES. he is very good. When you tell him to stop he does. He has opened up so much since he first came home. I am so glad the kids found him.

  • Velda Bartel says:

    That is such a sweet story!

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