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Foster Homes Needed

Do you have the space, time and desire to become a foster parent to a homeless dog or cat? If so, we need you! As a foster parent, you take special needs dogs or cats into your home and care for them until they are adopted or able to return to the shelter.

Why/When Are Foster Homes Needed?

Here are some of the situations that may prompt this need:

  • We get a litter of kittens or puppies. They may been orphaned and require bottle-feeding, or we may need a safe, comfortable spot to keep both mother and babies.
  • A cat or dog has special needs. For example:
    • A dog suffers from anxiety and isn’t used to other dogs. Being at the shelter may cause additional stress, which in turn could cause other problems.
    • A cat is undergoing medical treatment or requires special care that cannot be provided at the shelter.
  • The shelter is full. This is a rare occurrence, but could happen if we get a lot of animals at the pound during a particular period.
Why Should I Foster?

There are many reasons why you should consider fostering a homeless animal. Here are just a few:

  • You’re saving an animal’s life. If not claimed by owners or a local animal rescue organization, homeless animals face euthanasia after 3-5 days at the pound.
  • You help to get the animal ready for adoption. By providing the love, affection and perhaps training they need, they have more chance of being chosen by potential adopters and flourishing in their new home.
  • You may not have the time to volunteer or the money to donate to your local shelter. Fostering an animal means you get to help in a different way.
  • You get all the advantages of owning a pet without having the financial or long-term responsibility. We provide all food, supplies and vet care needed for that specific dog or cat. 
  • Fostering an animal is a very rewarding experience. Saying goodbye once they find their forever home can be tough, but don’t be put off by this. You have shown a homeless animal the love and affection they may never have received before. Vice versa, interacting with animals has proven mental health benefits.
  • Your own pet has the chance to learn social skills from being around your foster animal.
  • You get to see if you are ready for another pet. Perhaps you are unsure if you have the time, space and energy for another animal. You can find this out without making a long-term commitment.
  • You get to discover more about the animal’s personality, which can then be shared with the shelter and potential adopters. Knowing more about them means you are better able to find them the right home.

If you would like to become a foster home for our homeless cats and/or dogs, please email us at [email protected]. You can download a foster application form from our Forms page.

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