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Baron’s Story

All our shelter animals are special. Occasionally, we like to share a story about one particular animal to make you smile and show how grateful we are for all our supporters.

Baron was picked up as a stray wandering the town. He had the calmest, sweetest disposition right off the bat. At our best guess, he was around 9 years old, so he was well into his senior years for a large Rottweiler mix. He loved attention from all the volunteers, but you could tell he had some difficulty with mobility. At times, he preferred to receive affection without ever rising from his soft dog bed. He also had some extensive dental issues and preferred soft, canned food to his normal doggy kibble.

A trip to the vet for a dental and some anti-inflammatory medication soon put Baron on the path to comfort. His eating and mobility improved immensely. He was always the first to greet you sweetly at the kennel door with a smile on his face. He would let you know when he was ready to come in from the outside dog yard with one single, deep “woof”.

Once his pain was managed and mobility improved, Baron was the king of walking politely on a leash. Although he was one of our larger dogs, weighing in at around 90 pounds, Baron just never could muster enough courage to manipulate the doggy door to get into and out of his kennel. It was always an endearing joke with our volunteers and staff, that you had to push open the half pound doggy door flap for the biggest dog in our facility.

Finding a Home

Being a senior, we anticipated it would take time to find Baron the ideal home. Thanks to the power of positive thinking and the internet, Baron found his forever home much sooner than expected. It started with a Facebook post shared by a volunteer, showing Baron’s picture and expressing anger at the abandoning of a senior dog. Jill Schimkat Moody happened to see that post and became aware that a senior Rottweiler was available for adoption at Paws. Shortly after, Jill saw a post from a friend of hers, Jymmy Kay Cox, looking for a senior Rottweiler. A few text messages later and the ball was rolling. The next step was getting Baron transported 1039 miles to Jymmy Kay’s ranch in Gonzales, Texas. No problem!

Road Trip to Texas

Jill’s boyfriend, Wayne Deal, owns a trucking company. He made a couple of phone calls, found some loads that would get him to Texas and was able to deliver Baron to Jymmy Kay’s front door. Wayne made the trip as easy as possible for Baron, stopping to eat, potty, and play. He even stayed there an extra day to make sure Baron would bond with Jymmy Kay and not feel abandoned.

Baron Adopted
Getting comfortable in the truck.
Baron Adopted
Cuddle time!
Baron Adopted
Just making sure this guy doesn’t take a wrong turn.
Baron adopted
Full belly, time for another nap!
Baron adopted
Day 2: got up and had some breakfast then went for a walk.
Baron adopted
Day 3: Enjoying the cool weather while the truck is unloaded.

A Perfect Fit

Baron was welcomed into Jymmy Kay’s home, joining her little dogs, cats, horses, and even a deer! She says Baron plays well with all, except the deer. Evidently, he got too close to the blueberries and the deer got the best of him. Jymmy Kay says that he sleeps by her and follows her everywhere, but knows to stay when she tells him to. He keeps an eye on the happenings around her place and even woke her the night her mare foaled!

Baron adopted
Finally got to meet my new family!
Baron adopted
Look at all this space!
Baron adopted
I love my new mom.

In Jymmy Kay’s words, “It’s really amazing how well he fits in. Could not be more perfect. I am forever grateful.”

Jymmy Kay is a busy woman with a heart of gold. She is a real estate agent, TV personality, motivational speaker, professional barrel racer…the list goes on. We at Paws Animal Rescue are so grateful to her for giving Baron an amazing home during the final chapters of his life. Baron was the epitome of a gentle giant – a true gentleman and favorite of all our volunteers during his time at Paws. We also hope that Baron’s story will encourage people to adopt a senior or special needs dog. They are unbelievably loving and loyal and will make your heart smile.

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